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JPG to Icon Converter 1.02

It is a useful utility that converts any JPG file into a Windows icon
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It is a useful utility that converts any JPG file into a Windows icon. Only JPG files are supported as input files; whenever you attempt to put any other file, an error will be shown. Therefore if you have any other image format you must convert it to JPG first by using an alternative utility.

The application is very simple and has no menu; it uses a step-by-step wizard that will ask for all information required convert your files. One of the issues is that it only allows you to convert one file at a time. The first step is to choose a JPG file from your hard drive, then you select the desired output icon size from two possibilities: 16x16 and 32x32. The third step is to provide a path for the output file (which will have the .ico extension, like any other Windows icon file). The last screen is step four, here you can convert the icon and then open the output folder using the "Explore Icon File" button.

Overall, the program is very simple, fast, lightweight (only 800 kilobytes in size), and useful when you need some icons.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Very lightweight and portable
  • User friendly wizard very easy to use


  • Allows only to convert one file at a time
  • Doesn't allow higher icon resolutions
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